3 C’s of architecture- Client, Context & Climate.

We think an architect needs to design for these primary objectives, which are client, context and climate. Architecture doesn't need to be a signature style, each project needs to be distinct for the purpose it is made. Along with that it’s extremely important to recognise the climate of the place you are designing for and lastly and even more paramount, is that you need to respond to the requirement of the client.

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‘Going the
extra mile’ with mindful use of materials.

We as architects need to be very thoughtful of the environment, in terms of the materials we use and how judiciously we are using them. To us sustainability is in the design itself, where your building is breathing properly and is constructed with the materials that are available around minimising the carbon footprint to as much as we can.

Architecture is a design philosophy

For us architecture is something that stems out of you, it has to be a design philosophy that you have and then that gets imbibed in your team. It needs to be an experience, it’s not a picture.

Creating a space that is flowing.

Our studio has been designed in three and half thousand sq.ft. of space, where the only enclosed space that we have is the conference room and rest all spaces are flowing. The idea was to allow intermingling and to create a culture where people can interact with each other, have discussions and work together as a team.

‘Purpose fuels passion’.

We believe that passion is the fire that lights your way. The things that you are passionate about are not random but are your inner calling and that is something we imbibe in each member that is a part of AVA.

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